Friday, July 15, 2011

Breaking: HTC Violated A Couple of Apple's Patents

All day, I was waiting for another round of lawsuits, maneuvers, or filings between Apple and Android device makers it was suing.  Just when I thought the day was going end quietly, this happened:

The ITC ruled that HTC has violated two of Apple's patents.  HTC is appealing but if HTC doesn't win the appeal, it would need to come to terms with Apple.  And Apple does not have a history of licensing its patents.  

Closely watched is also the other major lawsuit between Apple and Samsung.  It's not over but this is definitely a major setback for HTC.

Could a ban of HTC products result?  I hope not.  If you're worried, better go out and get your HTC devices as soon as you can.
Source: CNet, TUAW.

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