Former 300-LB HS Kid Is My New Hero

I've got six or so apps on my mobile devices that I use to help me with workout, losing weight, and eating right.  But none of that matters without putting in the hard work and a willingness to.  According to CNN, Jamil Macias made that hard choice and effort after seeing how he looked from his pictures.

Since then, he has ran a half marathon and is feeling pretty good about himself.  The thing about Jamil's workout and diet is no secret at all.  It's his toughness and willingness to make it happen.  

CNN's post offered some details about what he did, ate, and went through.  The story is the same for all of us.  We're either a Jamil or we're not.  

I rarely get to post about health and mobile.  So, whip up your Blackberry, Android, or iPhone into shape with the right apps and get the ball rolling.


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