Wednesday, July 20, 2011

China, Counterfeit Goods Capital Of the World, Now Counterfeits Stores

One of China's dark industry is the counterfeit of intellectual properties.  DVD, Blu-Rays, electronics, and software.  Heck, just about anything you can think of, it's been counterfeited.  Fake Apple goods galore - they're everywhere.  But here is one counterfeit that one would not even think some enterprising Chinese businessmen would go this far to do.  

They duplicated Apple Stores.  Not the App Store.  I'm talking about duplicating the whole physical Apple retail stores.  Decorations, blue shirts, gadgets - everything. Yes, everything.  The stairs.  Play area for the children.  And even the Genius bar.  According to 9to5Mac, the people there even believe they work for Apple.

I eagerly await Apple's response.  And then I eager await the response of the local government.  It's highly unlikely that these thieves did this without the backing or support of some local political boss.  On top of that, I wonder if they sell genuine Apple products or more counterfeits.  

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