Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Mac Specs Unveiled - My Only Question: How's The Battery Life?

I'm jealous.  I want to have sources.  Any kind.  Like the ones that 9to5Mac has who gave them the specs for the upcoming Mac updates.

And what just is being updated?  

  • New Macbook Airs will come out tomorrow along with OS X Lion.  The new MBA will get new i5 and i7 Intel chips.  (Link Here)
  • New Mac Mini based on Sandy Bridge chipsets - there does not seem to be concrete information whether they will include Thunderbolt interface.  However, it makes sense for Apple to include them. It appears that the maximum memory is 4GB.  I think it ought to support up to 8 GB.  This is the year 2011 after all.  (Link Here)
I doubt we'll see a significant increase in battery life for these 2011 Macbook Air.  This post is being typed on the late 2010 11" Macbook Air.  4 GB with 128 BG SSD and 1.6 GHz.  I'm loving it.  My only gripe is that the battery life isn't longer.  It's good enough to serve my needs but you can never have enough juice.

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