Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why Does Apple Get No Respect

As many as there are Apple friendly blogs out there, there are just as many if not more that cannot stand the success that Apple has garnered since the return of Steve Jobs.  Through the 14+ years, Apple has turned out hit after hit.  No one has been able to duplicate such success  

And it is as if some of these people are waiting for Apple to take a fall so they can finally say "see, I told you so.  All that was luck!"

Where do we start? Oh, the iMac.  Then the iMac in colors.  Then there was OS X that to this day, Microsoft's copiers have not been able to fully and adequately copy.  Let's move onto the iPod.  I still remember the nonchalant way Steve Jobs pulled it out and showed it to the world.  Who knew then that it would be the foundation upon which the "halo effect" of one Apple product brought to another.  

The move from PowerPC to Intel chips went smoothly and was ever bit as impressive as ever.  Ask another company to try to do that and they'll probably freak out.

Then in 2007, a year just as important as 1984 was to the Mac, Apple unleashed the iPhone on an unsuspecting smartphone market.  Then came the iPhone 3 and the iPhone 3GS after that.  The iPhone 4 followed last June and twenty million of these iconic mobile devices were sold to help Apple record their best financial quarter ever.  

Then there is the iPad released last April without a peer in the tablet market.  Many predicted that by now, Apple would have lost a majority of the tablet market to Google and its Android allies.  Then iPad 2 happened and everyone forgot about other tablets except the most hardened mobile warriors who will go to their grave vowing never to buy an Apple product (I applaud their conviction).

So, why the disrespect?  Why would Eric Schmidt yesterday, former member of Apple's board of directors, accuse Apple of not innovating but, instead, hid behind the patent laws to hinder competition?

This post from Brian Shall pretty much hit it on the nail.  There are just people out there wishing for something to happen so that Apple can be taken down a notch or two.  That they cannot see that everyone can win in the PC, smartphone, or tablet market.  That they see that for Google, RIM, or Microsoft to win, Apple must lose.  According to the post, he named about 5 things that could go wrong but probably won't that could be used as an excuse to take down Apple's stock price.

Take Apple's third quarter number and what it did to Apple's stock price the after market activity.  Apple beat even the most ambitious prediction and only managed a paltry 5% gain whereas Google last week gained 10% on a smaller beat.  

Microsoft is due up next.  I wonder how the Apple blogs will report on that.  I reckon they'll be harsh but it'll be nothing next to how Apple's been treated.

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