Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Apple Killed Today With Record Profit and Revenue, And Oh, OS X Lion Is Coming Tomorrow

I don't know how to describe this other than to say "wow".  Yes, yes, Apple blew way even the most ambitious out-of-this-world earning estimate.  Yes, yes, Apple sold nearly 3x the number of iPads versus a quarter ago.  Yes, yes, Apple's Mac growth has once again outpaced the general PC market.  It was in the midst of telling us all this that Apple execs casually let slip that OS X Lion is coming tomorrow.

I'm trolling through the Web and the trend is still on Apple's $76 billion in cash, $28.6 billion in revenue, and crazy number of iOS devices sold.  Hardly anyone is talking about OS X and trying to predict when Apple will release it, which new Mac could potentially accompany this launch, or how Lion further blur the line between PC and mobile devices.  

I guess it's one of those days.  I am sure in a few hours, the focus will come back to the here-and-now and Apple's last quarter performance will be yesterday's news.  But don't think that people are done parsing financial data looking for clues about what Apple could be doing with its cash and if notes offer information about future products.

And if that's not enough, poor poor Lion also contend sharing the headlines with on-going patent war, a saga that is for the history books.

I cannot remember another time when things are this busy and interesting for Apple  So, "wow", I can't believe Lion isn't the focus when its just hours way from release.

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