Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Depending On How Do You Our Math, iPad Ate Up A Big Chunk Of the PC Market

Business Insider did some interest math here and came to the conclusion that the data companies like Gartner would not care go into:  Apple is the second biggest PC company in the world and iPad is cannibalizing the PC market.  

With the PC market growing at a snail's crawl, what happened to the rest of the growth that Gartner was predicting?  According to PC Magazine, the PC market in general grew only 2% while we learned today that Apple's Mac sales grew 14% and the iPad sales grew almost 3x from a year ago.

What does this mean?

  • Add the Mac and iPad sales together, Apple would immediately become the second largest computer maker in the world.  And yes, iPads are computers.  The fact that Gartner refuses time and time against to acknowledge that is a major farce.  
  • With 84.4 million PCs shipped in the last quarter, the iPad would account for 11% of the PC market.  
  • BI made an assumption that if the PC market was split evenly between the consumer and enterprise market, and the the major of the iPad sales went to consumers, the iPad alone accounts for 20% of the consumer market.
  • Apple is like going to take the lion's share of the PC profit - the iPhone already accounts for 50% of smartphone profit.
Again, I don't know why Gartner refuses to recognize iPads, Touchpads, Playbooks, and Android tablets for what they are.  My guess is that it believes Gartner will finally relent when Microsoft's Windows 8 is ready to ship in numbers.  After all, Gartner is in the business of manipulating numbers.  

As for where things are headed, I think the tablet market, most the iPad and an expanding number of Android tablets, will continue the march on the PC market.  With only 2% growth so far, we can conceivable see the PC market begin to shrink as tablets gain wider acceptance in enterprise, consumer, and education markets.  

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