Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Companies Go Green? Which Ones?

We all know that Google is a major player in the power and green tech industry with hundreds of millions, even billions, invested in solar plants and green farms as well as grants for search.  Cleantechica has a list of some companies that are also working to use renewable power to help them cut back on use of traditional power sources.

And this being a mobile blog, I'm happy to say that some companies involved have mobile involvement.  Nokia, Adobe, Starbucks (for its mobile payment), Intel, Motorola, and Cisco to make a few.  And guess what?  Where is Apple in all this?

Anyway, it's fantastic that these companies are conscious of their social and environmental responsibilities and their willingness to set an example for society in general.  Kohl and Whole Foods (with its conservative CEO) both source 100% of their power needs from renewable sources.  I hope the rest will follow.  Imagine if all of Forbes 1000 get their power needs from geothermal, solar, and wind sources.  

All I can say is that Google was the one that started all this.  I'm sure one of more of these companies mentioned by Cleantechnica would have eventually taken up that mantle but they didn't do it in the manner and at the time Google did.  

Once again, where is Apple with regards to renewable power?

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