Wednesday, July 13, 2011

UK Job Post For Apple Retail Suggests Early to Middle of Sept iPhone Launch

CNet go this scoop that a hiring company in the UK is looking for temporary workers to get traininge in selling iPhones.  And to be a part of this special project during this period of time.  The timing jives with all the chatter about when Apple is going to unleash the next iPhone.

On top of that, the lucky hire will be given the title "Apple iPhone Sales Specialist".  It'll look good when Apple lets him or her go at the end of October and looks for a job with Microsoft retail or something.  Nice title to go on the resume.

While this is a UK posting, Apple launches the iPhone 4 in the US and Britain at the same time.  And with an orientation in the middle of August, we should see a earliest launch window of late August but probably early through the middle of September.  

So, if you're thinking of getting a new iPhone, don't.  Stop.  There is absolutely no compelling reason for you to get one at the moment  Yes, you can wait a month or so.

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