Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A First: President Of the United States Hosts Twitter Town Hall (11AM PST, 2PM EST)

In a first, President Barack Obama will be hosting a virtual town hall meeting via twitter.  According to GigaOM, the meeting will take place at 11 am PST.  If you want to ask the President question, simply type in your question with the tashtag #AskObama.

More than just a publicity stunt, political leaders are increasing aware of the power of social media and mobile tech.  On top of that, it will allow President to gain a accurate feel for what youths today are thinking and feeling.  After all, the President's successful 2008 Presidential bid owe in large part to the youth vote.  Today, the youth segment of the population are increasingly anxious about their jobs, debts, and future.

And these are very well educated electorate who can determine the President''s 2012 reelection bid.  Furthermore, the White House and the campaign will be pouring over the Twitter data from the virtual town hall to see what's being asked, where they're asking from, and the number of retweets taking place.

I just hope Twitter has the server capacity ready for this.  Obviously, you can follow the town hall on your mobile

Note: The town hall meeting starts in an hour.

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