Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Microsoft Wants $15 For Every Galaxy device Samsung Sells; Nortel Loss For Google Became Just Ever More Critical

According to TechFlash, Microsoft, fresh of some victories against Android makers including HTC who will be paying Microsoft $5 for every HTC phone it makes, is going after Samsung for $15 of every Galaxy phone it sells.  Considering the pricing pressure it sometimes has to go through, Samsung's Galaxy success could also cost it big.  

And there's where all these companies with huge arsenals of wireless and mobile patents play such a big role in the ever evolving and interesting war.  Why?  Considering many sources already saying that Microsoft makes more money going after Android licensees than selling its own Windows Phone software, this is saying a lot.

And on top of Google's losing bid for Nortel's wireless, specifically LTE, patents to a consortium lead by Apple, Google really has nothing else to help fend its partners from Microsoft, Nokia, or even Apple from asking for future royalty payments on the patents they won.

Do you see a pattern here?  Of course you do.  Just because you're paranoid does not mean that someone isn't out to get you.  That's exactly what I see here.  And in war, all is fair.  And Google's mobile enemies are looking to stunt if not outright destroy Android.  Hey, if the table was turned, I am sure the same could be done to iPhone or anyone else.

However, I don't think Apple with its recently won Nortel patents can really do much damage to the market.  Since it and others were vetted by various government agencies, I like to think that as patent owners, Apple will not be able to stem competition in the market place.  Still, Apple does look a whole lot scarier now.

It addition to having Microsoft asking for its share of the Android pie, Samsung is in the midst of a potential divorce with Apple as the two companies lobbed lawsuit after lawsuit across three continents.  

It'll be interesting to see just when, not if, Nortel's patents come into play.  And the thing is that there is absolutely nothing Google can do to help its Android partners.

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