Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Location-Based Coupons: Lots Of Deals But Not All Are Good

I recently tried to redeemed a coupon that I bought off LivingSocial.  It's for a restaurant called Cafe 322 in Southern California.  I had hope to write about my wonderful experience there but it was not the case.  In fact, we did not mange to get in.

The reason was that there was a coverage charge to get into the place, something that LS forget to mention.  And on top of that, while the email described it as a Finnish restaurant, it was selling pizza and pasta.  Even a sign on the cafe said "Italian".

On top of that, it was a very loud place and we had children with us.  We thought about sitting outside but there were people there.  And there is no smoking allowed in restaurants in California.  

While I hope to go back before my coupon expires (which I think is probably not legal to  have an expiration date), you really have to be careful with what appears to be good deals on LivingSocial, Groupon, or other up-and-coming companies that offer these deals.  

I got a couple AMC movie ticket yesterday for $4 each.  That was a good deal.  But these are and far in between the massage and manicure coupons.  

So, my suggestion is to watch out.  Do a lot of research.  I did so for Cafe 322 but apparently it was not enough.  Apparently, there were a few Yelp reviewers who used their LS coupon there and the rating was just par.

I think it's important that LS and Groupon also provide a feedback on user experiences so they themselves can see who they want to associate with.  

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