Saturday, July 2, 2011

Google Plus Status: Google is Not Offering Invitations And Has Closed Loophole

Hello, folks. I am very happy that many of my fellow mobile warriors are so interested in Google's new social network, Plus.

Many of you are waiting for invitations and Google quickly closed that. For we found that that there was still a way to get through when you add someone's email to someone who has access to Plus.

Once the user updates the stream, an email is sent to the people he or she added and the owners of the email addresses could then click through the "Learn more about Google Plus" and receive a profile.

However, Google has even closed off that loophole. I have verified this with Dave the Mobile Sage At this time, there is no way to add anyone.

I have a list of new friends that I will add once this loophole is opened back up, invitations are back, or if there happens to be an alternative mean.

Again, I am heartened with the vast interest in Plus. Many I've spoken with are fed up with Facebook's blatant disregard for users.

7 Hundred million users is quite an achievement for Facebook but if they are not careful, such a meteoric rise only means the fall will be just as awesome.

So hang in there, as soon as Plus is back to accepting new users, I will update this blog and email each and everyone of you about it.

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