Friday, July 22, 2011

Hulu: Apple Buyout Will Not Happen Because It Makes No Sense

I spoke with Dave the Mobile Warrior yesterday regarding Apple and Google possibly buying Hulu.  While he did not remark anything about Google, he did not think Apple would seriously consider making a bid.  They might try to help jack up the price for potential competitors like Google but that's as far as it'll go.

GigaOM suggests that perhaps Apple is likely participating in preliminary discussions that would allow them to take a look at the finances and inner working of the free and subscription based video service.  Along that line of thinking, I would have to agree.  

Both two blogs that I follow for mobile, GigaOM and Arstechnica both agree with Dave.  Apple would not seriously consider a bid for Hulu.  

GigaOM listed reasons why Apple should buy Hulu but these same reasons pertain to other companies as well.  It's their reasons why Apple won't buy Hulu that is more interesting – particularly the one about helping its competitors since Hulu is everywhere.

Interestingly, Ars also came up with that same conclusion.  More than that, Apple already has the content, just under a different format and distribution plan.  

Both are a must read to help dispel any hope that Apple will fold Hulu into its iOS ecosystem.  It simply won't work.

And good job, Dave, for making this call before everyone else.

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