Friday, July 22, 2011

T-Mobile Claims that G-Slate Being Faster Than Other Tablets Leave Out Important Information - Like Throttling

T-Mobile claims that the G-Slate, a Honeycomb based tablet, is faster than the iPad 2 and Xoom.  Of course, they're talking about the 3G connection (I don't buy the "4G" claim being made by ATT and T-Mobile).  But while that claim is likely true, I have to ask this in light of the current wireless environment where data usage is limited and metered.

T-Mobile, faster what?  Does it mean G-Slate users reach the end of their monthly data allotment?  Does it mean that it'll be faster for users get throttled down to EDGE? Or try to get users to upgrade to a more expensive plan?

I think it's better that T-Mobile doesn't charge extra for going over their data plan allotment but it is very disingenuous for carriers to talk about speed with the goal of throttle down or charge extra like ATT and Verizon Wireless do.

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