Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tim Cook: I Want The World To Know That the iPad Is Cannibalizing the Mac And I'm Fine With It

During Apple's financial call with Wall Street analysts on its most recent quarter, Tim allowed a new bit of information in such a way that was slipped into the conversation but at the same time, you know that he wanted it out there.  He wanted the world to know that the iPad was cannibalizing the Mac and he was not losing sleep over it at all.  

Then he added.  There are just more PC to cannibalize than Macs.  No wonder he fine with hit.  Microsoft itself just recorded another excellent quarter itself.  Obviously, it's at the point where Apple is so far beyond Microsoft in terms of revenue and profit that it just felt kinda sad for former number technology company.  And dispute making more money, its stock did not move and in fact lost some ground during the aftermarket activity.

The reason was another drop in the Windows revenue.  The collapse of the netbooks certain had something to do with it.  It remains to be seen if the back-to-school sales will help Microsoft out.  

Here's where Tim Cook's seemingly benign statement about iPad cannibalizing the Mac and PC is a bigger deal than anyone so far has given it attention.

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