Sunday, July 24, 2011

Steve Jobs Was Right And Wrong About the 7" Tablet

First, let me say that I love the iPad.  Regardless of your personal preference, the iPad is leading the charge for a new category of mobile devices.  I eventually hope to acquire another tablet that runs on a competing mobile platform.  To date, I've yet to find one entirely to my liking.  And it has more to do with the size and build of the tablet than anything else.  And since I"m not made of gold, the price is a factor as well.  So, why would an Apple fan consider a tablet with a smaller than 10" when Steve Jobs said that anything less than 7" simply doesn't work.

Well, for typing, I suppose he is correct.  I don't like pecking at the screen and smaller sized screens simply doesn't allow that.  But I can't say that I've bought that argument entirely.  There are a lot of things the the mobile users can do on the tablet that do no require excessive typing.  

So far, the 7" tablets on the Android platform are still running non-Honeycomb version of the OS.  I reckon that will change once Android 4 arrives later this fall.  That is a consideration.  The Playbook is well built but it is a bit more expensive than something for its size.  I am hopeful that HP will come out with a 6" or 7" Touchpad.  I would certainly jump at just such a device but with the 10" version not selling well, I don't know if such a device will see the light of day.

Obvious question is can Apple eventually release a tablet of this size and will they?  If so, I can see a lot of users adopt it as well.  When that happens, I wonder just how Apple will explain its previous stance and market such a device.  At least with the other platforms, we know that a tablet with a 7" screen can work adequately.  

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