Tuesday, July 5, 2011

IN Mobile - China Or India, Who Has the Lead? And Influence Of BRIC

We know that a bunch of mobile gadgets are being manufactured in China. Your laptops, netbooks, and PC certainly are. So are many smartphones. And we certainly know that Apple's iPhones and iPad are made in China (but designed in California). And then we hear a lot about some tech jobs outsourced to India.

I recently had a conversation with a friend who made a trip to India to do some work with his counterparts there. Now it has me wondering just where the manufacturing is in India and how much outsourcing of some development jobs are sent to China?

I reckon because India has a large English speaking population, it could be easier for US companies to set up offices in India.

And could we soon have devices "Made in India"? And does it matter?

Certainly. Take for instance the iPhone. It's only recently that the iPhone 4 was made available in India, nearly a year after it was released in general use in the US. And China has had the iPhone 4 for months. Certainly where the device is manufactured has some bearing on availability.

On top of that, China is currently one of the largest app market in the world. In fact, It is the second biggest after the US market for Apple's iOS app store (MIC Gadget).

Supposedly if the iPhone was available in large markets like India or other BRIC members at an earlier date, it is conceivable that the app and iOS development could be greatly influenced by the native population of mobile warriors.

The same could be said for other mobile platforms like Android and Blackberry. It won't be long before Apple gives more attention to markets like India that I consider underserved. And it would be foolish for any tech giants to do so much longer.

So perhaps devices will probably continue to be assembled in China for the foreseeable future but I am certain that app development from other BRIC nations will have greater influence sooner. And for US and EU users, we can feel that influence as well.

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