Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How Much For A DVD Copy Of Just Released Movie?

We took my 4-year old nephew to watch Cars 2.  After all, it was a movie made for these little guys on our lives.  And he's seen Cars many times over at home.  And he was especially impressed with what Mator could do in the movie.  LigHTING McQeen is pretty cool but a flying Mator is even better.

But during the movie in the theater, he had to go to the bathroom many times because of the Icee and soda we bought him.  He missed like a third of the movie.  And he would ask what he missed.  

Suppose the studios were to release the movie for movie goers simultaneously.  You go to watch the picture and you can buy a copy of the movie as well on DVD or Blu-Ray.  Obviously, you would jack up the price a bit for the potential lost proceeds that the studios and theaters are may lose.  

The question is how much and how the proceeds would be split.  I reckon I would pay for about $30-$50 for a Blu-Ray copy of the movie we just watched if it's good enough and I happen to love my dear nephew so much.  

How much would you pay?  $50?  With tickets so expensive now, I wouldn't be surprised if we see it for $75 to $100.  And what about home rental for just released movies?  $30 per view on iTunes, anyone?

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