Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Native Google Plus Already On Android, iOS App In Approval (or Disapproval) Process

It's official.  According to The iPhone Blog, the official and native Google Plus app has been released to Apple a few days ago for approval to be released for the general public. This was from a tweet of a known Googler.

What is not surprising that is that those Android users, like my lucky self,  with early access to Plus already have Plus on our devices.  And yeah, it's that awesome.  And I'm sure it'll only get better.

In the heated war between Apple and Google, Mountainview is increasingly giving Android app releases a priority whereas in the early days of the iPhone and Android tussle, Google had on a few occasions released the iOS version before the Android version.  Even now, the Google took a dig at Apple in her tweet.  You'll have to click through to TiPB to get the full scoop.

I can't wait to see just how similar the two apps are.  That Google can release both apps so close to each other is remarkable.  I am still of the opinion that my fellow mobile warriors are going to jump from the Facebook ship and onto the Plus one given the number of requests I've received regarding getting early access to Plus.

As I've said in private e-mails to you, as soon as Google opens the floodgate even just a bit, I'll try to get you in.

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