Monday, July 25, 2011

Interesting Data on In-Game Payments That May Say A Lot About Who We Are As Gamers

Here is an interesting fact about gaming, free-to-play games and just how much we'll pay. And apparently, the average amount a dedicated player is going to expose their wallets to is $14 per game.

This is dramatically higher than "free" that these players were willing to pony up to start with.  However, there are not that many players with the willingness to pay that amount.  

What potential game developers should realize is that they need to understand as long as they can develop a large following with free to start and can retain a loyal following, they can expect to the revenue to start flowing in.  But just 3% are willing to spend the $14.  

I can't say if that's good or not.  Of course, there is the ad revenues that also come into play for most free games.

Source:  Toucharcade.

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