Monday, July 25, 2011

Reasons For Closing Fake Apple Stores In Kunming Shows China Is Not Serious About Interllectual Properties

The reason that the Chinese government in Kunming gave for closing the fake Apple stores was not over intellectual property rights or trademark issues but over the lack of permits to operate the stores.  

I know the Chinese government has a seriously need to save face, like all the time, but these kinds of double speak at home and saying something else entirely whenever a Chinese official visits a Western nation shows just Beijing either has no control over the situation or they are no serious whatsoever about enforcing international laws.

How bad is this?  Only two of five stores were shut down.  So, I am guess the other three has the backing of the local government through actual business licenses or has the local political boss' support.  

What's worse?  The people who work there actually thinks they work for Apple.

Source: Pulse, Reuters.

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