Thursday, July 21, 2011

iPad at 60% and Android with 30% of Tablet Market; But Hard to Blieve Playbook with 3.3%

With all the talk about how well the iPad is well, you would still think that it controls 80-90% of the market still.  For better or for worse, the iPad accounts for more than 60% of the market while Android now has 30%.  The rest is split between "others".

However, the first that released the report, Strategy Analytics, have been known to skew things one way or another.  And there is no indication of how they account for the tablets - Android for smartphones installed on tablets or Honeycomb on tablets.  

Regardless, this is a clear indication that the tablet market is viable and is beyond just a niche market for Apple's iPad.  Even Windows 7 tablets have its fans as well with 4.6% of the market.

All the numbers above in of itself seem believable until you take into account RIM's numbers.  3.3%.  with 500K shipped and RIM unwilling to divulge the actual sell-through number, we can only assume that SA's report needs to be taken with a grain of salt.  Furthermore, I find it hard to believe that some of Windows 7 tablets are in actuality laptops.  As far as anyone knows, according to Gartner's way of differentiating between tablets and PCs, there are no Windows 7 tablets.

I'm sure we'll hear more on this front from other companies that release these kinds of reports.  And obviously, they will all vary becuase of the methodology in gather the data and accounting for what is or isn't a tablet.

I am force to conclude that the SA report has a lot of errors and fudging of numbers.  

Source: Phone Arena, BRG.

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