Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mac OS Lion: Reverse Scrolling - People, Learn To Live With It!

I'm seeing more than a few posts about the so-call reserve scrolls that come with OS X Lion that some people have issues with.  I call these people "homo sapien extinctus".  Seriously, people, get with the program.  What you've been doing in since 1984, when the Mac first came out was with the mouse.  Now, its about touching, no more clicking and dragging with a mouse.

Now, you've got touchpads on the laptops and touch screens that require you to scroll differently.  This is how true mobile warriors "scroll" if you will.  That is also the order of things are with you buy an Apple product.  And it is not as if Apple is trying to screw with up.  Apple is training you for the future.  And soon, this will be how things are done on Windows as well once Windows 8 tablets are released.

This is how it's done on Android devices as well - smartphones and tablets.

The main different now is that Apple has brought reverse scrolling onto the Mac.  There is a way for you to disable that in the Preference panel but I really encourage that you don't.  Soon, you'll be the only one and everyone around you are gonna look at you different.  Okay, they won't but I will.  

I wager this.  Apple will soon get rid of the mouse for the desktop and replace it with the Magic Pad.  

Give it a couple of days.  It'll start to feel second nature and you won't think about it again after that.  And if you do, you'll be thinking "wow, why did we scroll this way before?".

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