Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is Google The Federation, Klingons, Romulans, Or Another Group; What About Apple or Microsoft?

I have been watching Star Trek: The Next Generation almost nonstop since it became available on Netflix.  So far, we have dealt with the Ferengi, Romulans, a close call with the Borg at sector 0-0-1, aliens from other dimension, and, now,  Ardra the devil. 

While watching this, I considered the current mobile war and the major players involved and tried to see who is which major power in the Star Trek universe.

You have Google that is young, perhaps a bit foolhearty, and very eager.  Google started out trying to make peace with everyone and be everyone's friend.  It is also never to start skirmishes but looks like it is learning fast.

Then there is Apple that keeps its users within its borders.  It is proud, perhaps arrogant. It has a charsmatic leader with the level of authority an emperor would be comfortable with.  It was happy to be left alone and expand at its own pace.  But it was provoked and lashed out by instigating proxy wars.  And in doing so, its enemies will know just how far it'll go to hold onto its powers. 

Perhaps Google is the Federation and Apple is the Romulan Empire?

Now, while the Federation is depicted as a benelovant force in the Alpha Quadrant and the Romulans as a dark scheming force, reality is not quite as clear cut. 

We the United States was seen as a force for freedom in the world during the Cold War but, today, that sentiment isn't as strong among the other citizens of the world. (Nevertheless, I would not trade places with anyone else in the world.  We, Americans are not perfect but we are a for good more often than not.)

The same could be said of the Federation and the Romulans.  So I am not necessarily saying that Apple is evil or that it is okay for Google to violate the patents of other companies.  This is just a fun exercise in my part. 

What about Microsoft, RIM, Nokia, Facebook, and Intel?  What would be their equivalent power in the Star Trek universe?

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