Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Microsoft's Lasso Feature Shows It Can Still Innovate If it Wants To (iPad App)

Microsoft just released a new Bing app that requires no typing for search. And it can probably expand this features for other purposes like copy and pasting or just opening up a contextual menu.

It just goes to show that Microsoft can still innovate.  So, for all us haughty Android and iPhone fans, don't get too cocky.  Maybe, just maybe Windows Phone's future is brighter than anyone expects if Redmond can truly bring more innovate energy to the market.

So, what is Lasso?  The feature is only on the Bing app for the iPad for the moment.  By using your finger to draw a circle around the word or phrase you want to be selected, you can begin a search.  Also, users can save up to nine Lasso'd items.  

No word on this working with Honeycomb tablets but this feature is a part of Microsoft's own tablet tools. 

I'm looking forward to trying this out on my iPad when I get home.

Source:  Cnet.

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