Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Verizon Wireless Ends Unlimited Data Access Plan This Thursday

For readers out of the US, I don't know what kind of data plans you get.  From what I'm reading, not many of you have unlimited data plans For the US market, AT&T first moved away from that a little more than a year ago.  This week, Verizon Wireless will officially join the growing number of carriers around the world in killing of the unlimited wireless data plan.

According to iSmathphone, a VZW spokesman made the official declaration.  I had latched on to this a while back and took the plunge last week by signing up for a Verizon plan, forgoing my 8-year relationship with T-Mobile.  I was very interested in the LTE phones but the battery lives just don't cut it for me.  

So I went for the iPhone 4 even though I know the next update is probably just around the corner.  No loss there as I'lll probably give this one to a family member.  Still, sucks that VZW is doing this.

And as far as I know, VZW does offer truly unlimited data access.  While T-Mobile doesn't say that it offers unlimited data plan, it's not true.  It's unlimited up to a point.  The only other carrier who still offer an unlimited data plan is Sprint but their phone selection does not do it for me and their network is very spotty in my area.

Starting Thursday, the $29.99 plan goes away and are replaced by the following:
  • $10 gets you 75 MB per Month - seriously, what a joke
  • $30 gets you 2 GB per Month - nothing new here.  Same as AT&T.
  • $50 gets you 5 GB per Month - I can see a lot of people going this route but will opt for the $30 plan for the most part
  • $80 gets you 10GB per Month - ouch.
  • Go over your monthly allotment and you get charged $10 per GB
So, if you've been waiting a newer iPhone or better Android, your wait will soon end because you really don't have a choice now.  Personally, I'm not sure why VZW is doing this right now.  Surly, its network can handle the deluge of potential iPhone defectors from AT&T and other networks as well as its own customers looking to upgrade to LTE later in the year.  

Why Did I Switch From T-Mobile To Verizon? Were You Previously Very High On T-Mobile?  Yes.  I like my service with T-Mobile even if no one else does.  I don't really have an issue with dropped calls the way iPhone users have with AT&T.  However, I was going to leave T-Mobile anyway because of the buyout from AT&T.  

It is just inconceivable that T-Mobile's culture will be able to withstand the bad influence of AT&T's approach to sales, customer service, and fudging of features and plans on the fly.  I don't know if VZW is any better but at least they're not AT&T.  I was trying to explain my reasons for getting the iPhone to a friend over weekend and when I brought up the buyout, he said pointedly "AT&T did not get its reputation by accident".  

So, there you go.  If you're looking to lock into a wireless plan with Verizon Wireless, you've got until Wednesday.

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