Thursday, July 28, 2011

Only 440K Xooms Shipped; I Had Held Out for 600M+

Motorola Mobility in their financial report reported by shipped only a dismal 440K.  Honestly, this is pathetic.  For the flagship Honeycomb device, Motorola and Google has really dropped the ball.

By now, I was expecting about a million tablets shipped a month.  And this figure is even worse than just 440K.  The number Motorola provided is shipped, not the sell through.  

I think it all hinges on Samsung now.  The Galaxy brand has a better following and should be able to do better.  On top of that, Amazon is rumored to be prepping up to 4 million Kindle tablets for the Holiday seasons.  

Hope of anyone with a fight chance against Apple's iPad comes down to Amazon and Samsung. 

Source:  Motorola.

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