Someone Finally Listened To Me! Apple Interested In Barnes and Noble, What will Google do?

I said this three years ago and again two years ago.  And when Borders started going out of business, I said it as well.  And finally, someone is listen.  BGR reports one of their sources has knowledge that Apple is looking hard at a Barnes and Noble takeover.

And it would make a lot of sense than BGR is suggesting.  These megastores have the room to accommodate Apple's expanding needs.  in fact, Apple could convert Barnes and Noble stores into super destinations for its fans.  And should Apple start to sell TV and expand its reach, it will need places to display them.  Current stores do not have enough room.

Furthermore, I like to see Apple save the brick-and-mortar book stores.  I think the two companies would be a perfect match.  

The question now becomes what will Google do?  Or Amazon and Microsoft?  Neither of these Apple competitors have the retail reach Apple does.


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