Samsung Profit Warning - A Sign of Things To Come

I am not sure I'm ready to go out on a limb here yet but Samsung's warning due to poor LCD and TV sales could be a sign that consumers are changing their ways.

During the last holiday shopping seasons, many retailers warned of possibly not being able to meet TV forecasts.  And it was largely due to the iPad.  And with sales of the iPad continuing to be hot and other tablets from Android, Web OS, and RIM already on sale all hitting the market around the same time, there really is only so much dollars to go around.

And Android tablets are about to go 2.0 with new releases just in time for the coming shopping season.  

I'm fairly certain this will put a lot of pressure on segment of consumer tech products - namely TV and PCs.  

In this BBC post, analysts expect Samsung to recover the rest of the year based on sales of their mobile devices - the Galaxy lines of phones and tablets.  

See what I mean?


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