Top Privacy Settings For Google Plus

I really like Google Plus because of its ease of use in general.  More specifically, I like the better control (as far as my perception goes) than what we get on Facebook.  And on top of that, many government agencies on three or four continents are watching Google's use of user information or have sued and won judgments against the search giant.

Courtesy of Macworld, here are their top five privacy settings that you'll want to know about.  Information like hiding your e-mail or even quitting the new social network are very important.  In general, most people will not care.  But I disagree.  They will care when things go wrong - identities stolen or they've been phished.

So, the Plus privacy post is a recommended read.

For those of you on the outside looking in (I'm working on getting invitations for those who have e-mailed me), bookmark this handy little post.  You'll need it.  I recommend the first thing you do is to obfuscate your e-mail and tweak the re-sharing settings.


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