Samsung Shipped More Smartphones Than Anyone Else In the World?

Apple has had a great third quarter but it looks like Samsun's second quarter has been even better than Apple and may have shopped about a million smartphones more than Apple.  Samsung's resilience to the iPhone assault seems to have legs.  After all, the Galaxy line has done very well in the marketplace and may have the kind of name recognition that the iPhone has. 

From a competitive standpoint, the Galaxy is the single most direct competition to Apple's iPhone than the Android platform as a whole.  When people talk about Android, it is just what it is, a platform.  With the Galaxy, Samsung has created an international brand that has appeal and come to represent quality and excellence.  Though not quite at the iPhone's level, its success could possibly be why Apple and Samsung have become bitter mobile enemies even as the two companies worked together to supply Apple with the parts for its mobile needs.

Samsung's quarter was helped by the release of the Galaxy S II that may have sold over six million units.  That is about two million a month since their release.  Not to be redundant here, but these are almost iPhone like numbers.  Of course, Samsung has not had to content with direct competition with Apple's next iPhone upgrade until this fall.  It's likely Apple can take this crown from Samsung in the third and fourth quarters of the regular financial calendar.

Only time will tell.  At play are also patent law suits around the world between Apple and Samsung as well as the recent preliminary victory the ITC handed Apple over HTC over the violation of two of Apple's patents that line at the heart of Android itself.  Should Apple win any kind of judgment against Samsung in this matter and/or other issues, it could have the potential of stunting any gains the Galaxy brand has made over the last couple of years.

Note:  Apple, unconventionally, ends their financial year in the September quarter rather than the December quarter.  So Apple's first quarter is everyone else's fourth quarter.  Second quarter for Apple is everyone else's first quarter and so one.  


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