Monday, July 25, 2011

Rupert Murdoch Gunning For Steve Jobs Because of "The Daily" Failed

Forbes is asking whether if Rupert Murdoch is gunning for Steve Jobs.  Just before the release of Apple's quarterly earnings last week, the WSJ journal released a post, coming "down" to the level of bloggers, in talking about a potential replacement search for Steve Jobs' replacement by the Apple board of directors.  

At the time, I gave it no second thought.  I read the post because it was just a diversionary exercise as we were minutes from what we know was another huge quarter from Apple.  

But as The Daily floundered from bad execution and bad quality in general, Apple has basically moved on.  And as with all things on the Internet, so have others.  And the bloggers leave you, you're in a lot of trouble.  And for this reason, Murdoch is probably not very happy with Apple and used the WSJ to place a "rumor" to taint Apple's forthcoming good news.  

And this isn't something that is above the embattled leader of Newscorp.  Right now, the Murdoch family is dealing with the phone hacking controversy in Britain.  And like many, I find it hard that Rupert's or that of his family's hands-on approach, which isn't unlike Steve Jobs's own style, was not aware of WSJ's post ahead of time or had something to do with it.

Perhaps Murdoch asked Apple to help them with MySpace but was turned down.  

Source:  Fortune.

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