Saturday, August 6, 2011

$70 Tablet From India With Solar Charger - I'll Take Two Please!

I started blogging because I wanted to share my experience with the XO laptop, the very first batch from the OLPC project.  It was a good laptop for the price.  The first ever netbook of sort that was under $300.  It was $250 actually.  Good bet.  Still got it.

Then I moved on.  MacWind, another Macbook.  Then a Dell.  iPads.  

Now, I've come across something that might be just as perfect for a mobile device that I can use for writing, surfing the Web, and 90% of other tasks I do on a laptop or iPad on the cheap.  I'm not saying I would get this but for $70, it's hard to pass up.

The device is manufactured by an Indian company, Bharat.  Not much on specs but this is what has me interested:  It has a solar charging unit.  What I like to know is just how much power this sun-powered unit for the tablet.  

I think we are nearing a time when our mobile devices' battery will be augmented by solar power.  Sitting under the window or through the lights provided by our office or coffee shop.  And why not?  

We have had solar powered watches and calculators for over two decades now.  And as chip sets for our mobile devices become smaller and smaller and the screens and components become more efficient, I reckon there could be a time when our devices are powered by ambient light alone with the battery serving only as a backup instead of being the main power unit.

So, who will be the first to come out with this?  I'm going to go with HTC or Samsung.  Then Apple will have a go at solar power in their own different way.

Oh, from the pic from Engadget, it looks it it runs Android.  Obviously.

More At Engadget.

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