Friday, August 5, 2011

All Day Battery Device Powered By Texas Instrument Coming

TI promised by 2013 that our mobile devices, probably those that power Android or Windows Phone devices will be able to power our mobile needs for a whole day per charge.  I can't tell you how long I have been waiting to hear this and how badly I want this today.

Today, the longest battery life in a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet is the iPad 2 with a real life battery of 11 hours and the Xoom with about 10 hours.  The smartphone battery mileage varies from device to device and as you well know, they don't come close to what the battery life on the tablets sport.

Now, I suppose TI is talking about smartphones rather than tablets.  Imagine your mobile device, Android, Windows, or iOS, being able to run as long as you need no matter.

This is what we know.  According to Phone Arena via TechCrunch, the 2012 chip, OMAP5, will have three times the performance and five times the graphics chip of the current TI chip on the market.  

It'll have to be the following generation before we get the day-long battery life.  The difference between the OMAP5 and the day-long chip is that in 2013, TI will manufacture it with a 20nm process.

Now, while we don't know if TI can actually deliver, personally, I'll settle for even 75% of the promised battery life.  On top of that, what of TI's competitors, Intel, AMD, Apple, and Nvidia?  Will they follow suit to get us the day-long battery life in 2013 or later.  Perhaps, even sooner?

One thing I have to mention regarding this day-long chip is that TI could be shopping the mobile chip to a competitor.  And making such a declaration could be an attempt to fetch a higher price.  And there is no promise that the buyer will stick with the 2013 timetable.

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