Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Brilliant Move To Oppose ATT Merger With T-Mobile

So far, everyone seems to think the T-Mobile takeover by ATT will sail through despite a bit of pockets of resistance, even with some powerful US Senators thrown into the mix.  But I think as examples of anti-competitive moves by ATT and loss of opportunities due to lack of choice in the market emerge, we might see things turn against the deal.

Take this Cablevision opposition to the deal.  According to Tmonews, they want to work with T-Mobile in setting up a GSM network for Wi-Fi and cellular broadband but are unable and unwilling to work with ATT.  Should the merger go through, Cablevision would not be able to partner with anyone else.  

Should there be a lawsuit, I don't see Cablevision having much of a case.  However, bringing this to public attention would help make the case that no matter what ATT says about the deal being good for consumers, it most certainly does not make it so in reality.  

It all comes down to this.  If the merger goes through, customers and operators have no one to go through other than ATT if they want to deal with GSM where it has the most international appeal.

I doubt this alone would be enough to convince regulators to turn against the deal.  But I'm sure this Cablevision example was not something anyone has though of.  

For regular mobile warriors or simply cable customers, we definitely want more choices, not less.

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