Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Uncle Sam Wants "You" (If You're a Hacker)

According to Reuters, the NSA and other intel agencies will be at Defcon in Las Vegas looking to see if they can find themselves a few hundred hackers to help protect the nation and maybe dish out a few attacks here and there against rogue nations.

Unfortunately, they won't be alone.  Corporate America will also be looking for some helping hand as well.  

Seriously, if you're in the right field at the right time, you can find a job even in at the beginning of a double dip recession we're in.

So, are you that guy?  Obviously though, you can't be some loner.  You'll have to be able to fit in and work with others.  If you've got the skillz, give it a shot.  After a few years, those high-paying tech job in the private sector will still be there waiting for you.  Won't wont hire someone with a resume that said he or she worked for the NSA.

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