Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Companies that Apple Should Have Bought But Didn't

I was really excited when there was word that Apple was in talks to buy Barnes and Noble.  Until something happens (not happening doesn't count), I remain hopeful.  Meanwhile, Technologizer via Daring Fireball, here are some companies that Apple left on the tablet.

Here are just a couple:

  • Pixar doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me but why Apple did not buy Palm I'll never know.  
  • There was talk that Apple should buy Nitendo and given how Nintendo is stumbling now, Apple should take another crack at it.
Here are a couple that doesn't make sense at all:

  • Universal Music - Apple doesn't want to deal with contents. Maybe when they run out of things to take over.  This includes Disney which previously bought Pixar from Steve Jobs
  • AMD - The company bleeds money and there is no tech they can offer today.  Apple's choices of buying chip startups has so far made the difference in the smartphone and tablet war.
Here are a couple that might work for Apple:
  • Adobe - Apple can use the creative suites to entice more users to adopt the Mac and iPads.  I said it might work because there are probably other companies on the market that fit Apple's strategy.  
  • EA - Video games is big now for Apple's iOS ecosystem and Apple can probably use some exclusives if it wants to invade the living room armed with top games.
There are more companies that you should check ou with a click through.  Any other companies that you think would be a good fit for Apple?  

I've got one.  RIM.  My only concern is the privacy issues that some countries are trying to insert themselves in the middle of.  RIM is a growth company despite being hammered in the US.  It is doing well everywhere else. And with a Apple-RIM combo could further allow Apple's other products, Macs and iPads, to make deeper penetration into enterprise.

Then again, you'll probably have to add RIM to another company that Apple passed on.

Note: Thanks to Dave the Mobile Warrior for showing me these two posts.

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