Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I bought 20 GB of extra iCloud Storage; Dropbox And Terms of USe

I decided to go ahead and buy an extra 20 GB of iCloud storage.  Now, I've got 25 GB in all.  You might think that I'm feeling a bit foolish consider that iCloud is still in beta.  

Well, most and more people around me are getting the iPhone and iPad because it's so easy to use and so seamless to integrate into their lives.  

However, if your mobile life is not as integrated to the iOS and OS X ecosystem as I am but want to be able to have similar cloud storage experiences, there are other options.

9to5Mac has a couple of competing services, Dropbox and SugarSync, that can be used beyond Apple's wall-gardened.  Having said that, they offer very different terms and privacy guards that Apple offers.  So if you're just a regular mobile user, you ought to be fine. However, if you're a developer and have certain files you like to keep as your own, you may want to consider your options carefully beyond price and storage capacity. 

So read the terms of services carefully.  I tend to be overtly cautious but you can't be too careful either.  And cloud storage is the future.

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