Thursday, August 25, 2011

Flipboard Continues To Impress - To Have Movies And Videos Soon

If you've got an iPad, you simply must go and download Flipboard now. Essentially, it's an app that works the way you expect content to be displayed on a tablet.

I cannot imagine anyone else coming up with anything more novel than Flipboard.

And now, we learn that FB will soon feature videos and movies. According to Electronista, we should see this happen by the end of the year.

Furthermore, there will be an iPhone and iPod touch version coming in weeks. Right now, I use Pulse and I find it very useful but it is very different from Flipboard.

Also, it sounds as though FB wants to be the next digital store the way Barnes and Noble is now as a brick-and-mortar as it hopes to eventually sell books.

Seriously, you have to download this for your iPad or your iPhone when it's available in a few weeks.

Source: Reuters.

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