Thursday, August 25, 2011

Today In Apple

There isn't a whole lot of news out there today other than Steve Jobs this or Steve Jobs that.  I suppose the biggest news is that Steve's new authorized biography will be edited to add a section regarding his resignation.

Rumors, news, and just about everything seemed to have trickled to a slow drip when it concerns Apple.  And typically, Thursday are already slow news days to start.  But there are a few interesting news if you're an Apple fan.
  • Steve Jobs went to work at Apple yesterday and put in a full day. (Appleinsider)
  • Steve Jobs will still have people to yell at; he'll continue working on future projects.  (TUAW)
  • Tim Cook write an e-mail to Apple employees and promised more of the same.  And for all those folks who claim that CEO Cook will mean a nicer Apple, you can forget about it.  It's full speed ahead on the innovation front and the patent war as well. (German court affirm Galaxy Tab ban in Europe).
And Tim Cook has already shown that he is a capable CEO given that he's taken over the company since Jan of this year, possibly even longer.  He understands the game.  He knows what makes Apple tick.  So, no worries about him.

Now, if you really want to know more about Tim Cook, here's a video from a commencement address he gave.  It really shows what Tim is like, what he thinks is important, and what he has brought to Apple and will continue.

So, while there are many posts about Tim Cook and the unnecessary votes of confidence from Wall Street firms, the real question is who will be the next COO of Apple.  Now, that guy really has big shoes to fill.  I reckon it'll be an in-house guy.  Apple will look around but who else would know what to do other than someone on the inside who knows just what Tim Cook would want.

And for those out there who doesn't think this Tim Cook is a visionary or imagination, think again.  If he passes Steve Jobs' mustard, he's got what it takes to continue to put in a world of hurt on Apple's competitors and give us new products year after year.  

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