Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Google Blasts Apple, Microsoft, And Oracle, Rages Against the Machine

Google's official blog was just updated with the most direct shot at the patent wars and against Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, and they mentioned other companies (who are they?).  

Google crying about Nortel patents...on some level, I agree with them.  Those above companies are coming after Google for various reasons and fight proxy patents wars or directly used Google as in Oracle's case over Java infringements and licensing.  And yes, the companies that rallied around Apple for the Nortel patents were gaining up on Android.  

Let me repeat that again:  the companies mentioned in the Google blog, with the exception of Oracle, are gaining up on Android.  They don't like the way it looks, they don't like the way it smells, and they don't like that it's free.  And while Microsoft seems content with royalty payments, Apple isn't interested in any resolution short of making sure Android makers do not infringe in its patents.  For Steve Jobs, it's not money he wants. 

At the same time, there are no free lunch...Google should innovate and if Apple or Microsoft infringes on their patents, sue them right back. It's how the world works, no?

Google is trying to strengthen its patent portfolio...that's the way to do it beat this thing.  Also, if Google can succeed in changing the rules of the game, that would be well within their rights to do it.

However, I doubt this blog post will generate much sympathy.  As I have brought up regarding the Nortel bids, where were Google's Open Handset Alliance friends with their billions?

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