Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Google Turned Down Chance To Join Apple And Microsoft In Bidding For Nortel's Patents

Well, well, well...what have we here?  Let's recap.  Today, on Google's official blog, Google trashed Apple, Microsoft, and others for using patents to prevent competition and for gaining up on Android.  For the record, I agree that the motives behind Apple and Microsoft joining forces to make slow down Android and make it more expensive than, well, free.

Well, we all knew that Apple would not respond this these charges.  And in no uncertain terms, Google's blog post was very angry and left no room for that doubt that it was not happy with the results.  So instead of Apple speaking up, Microsoft spoke up for the team.

Microsoft's General Counsel Brad Smith said Google was asked to join with with them.  The eventual winner was a coalition of companies dubbed "Rockstar":  Apple, Microsoft, RIM, and Sony.  When offered the chance to join with them, Google turned it down.  

Furthermore, Electronista made a very valid point:  if what Microsoft's counsel is true, it would weaken any DOJ decision that might go against the winners in the Nortel bids.  On top of that, had Google won the bids, it could have insisted that that previous agreed upon patent terms be broken up.  That being the case, Google's plan, had it won, would have been to sue anyone else that stands in the way of Android.

Basically, Google would be doing what what it now accuses its competitors of doing.

Like I've said before, the companies that have sued Android device makers are not patent trolls but companies that are protecting their products.  The best thing for Google and the Open Handset Alliance is to out-innovate its competitors.  

I am sure there is more to this story than what Microsoft and Google has said.  Apple won't be saying a word at all on this matter.  Hence, the ball is back in Google's side of the court.  What I also would like to know is why Intel joined Google and whether it was also afforded an opportunity to join Rockstar but also turned it down.

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