Thursday, August 4, 2011

Proof That Google Was Not Straight With Us About Nortel Patent Situations

It appears Microsoft is not willing to let this drop.

Earlier, I wrote that Microsoft's general counsel disputed Google's assertion that Rockstar, the group that included Apple and Microsoft, won the Nortel patents impede Android.  Well, Microsoft tweeted and provided a picture of the e-mail in which Google turned down Microsoft's overture.

Here is the tweet link.

I'm going to give Google the benefit of the doubt and see what they have to say about this.  The date in the e-mail was October of 2010.  I had assumed that the bidding was more recent.  Given that it had been a while since the overture and Google never reconsidered, it showed that Google's plans for the Nortel patents were to serve as defensive weapons.  

This is turning into a firestorm for Google.  And it is really making Google look pretty bad right about now.  More than a few blogs, including this one is chiming in on the matter (WPCentral, Electronista).  

For the moment, I can't say that Google can say anything or offer an explanation that would counter what Microsoft is saying.  And it's difficult to say this because Microsoft is supposed to be the bad guy here, right?

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