Saturday, August 20, 2011

Green: Mobile Games That Help Emphasize Green Efforts and Conservation

Do games help change our behaviors in real life? There are a lot of debates about that. They are ongoing and subjective to interpretation based on one's philosophy on the matter.

But I believe green games can help in ways children's games help teach certain learning skills.

Take for instance the games mentioned in this Sci Tech Today post. They teach about recycling, saving mythical whales, learning about a delta ecosystem, or knowing what to price to set at a yard sale based on what can be reused. Those kinds of games are valuable to teach aspects of conservation and what is involved in green living.

Fate of the World puts the player in charge of a full city dealing with 200 years of near real world scenarios of population growth, food management, and other socioeconomic issues.

Okay the last game might be a bit far fetched but nonetheless brings attention to problems we deal with outside of the confines of a virtual earth.

All of these are excellent topics for gaming developers, especially mobile ones, to consider working on.

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