Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mobile's Next Revolutionary Leap? Maybe Microsoft Is Right (Their Commercials At Least)

In thinking about mobile and how we are always so engaged with our phones and looking down on them instead of looking up and around our environment. So I started to wonder about this and the next mobile revolution.

Could the next leap in mobile be about taking mobile experience to the next level. Allowing us to not miss life while still being kept up to date on out social media updates, news, and other mobile computing tasks that some in our society are labeling as distractions.

This is what is going on now. You see lots of folks, especially kids, who almost text continuously a few years ago, now migrating to busily updating Their Facebook and Twitter feeds, or getting updates from friends and families.

Consider waiting in line for rides at amusement parks like Disneyland. In the past, kids and their parents has to wait patiently in line. Even among friends. They are forced to chat, take in the sights, or simply complain about the 90 min or so wait.

Today, kids are immersed in their handheld gaming systems, parents are looking at their mobile phones, friends who are literally standing inches from each other conversing on Facebook!

Perhaps Microsoft's Windows Phone commercials were right. Less is more. Less time on the mobile devices means more time for other things.

We know Microsoft did not create those commercials with what I've pointed out here in mind. But they may have just stumbled onto something.

I am not sure they would really know what I am talking about here. Maybe not Apple. Perhaps it'll be a startup that gets it and is working on solving this issue and leading us to make next mobile leap forward.

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