Monday, August 1, 2011

iPhone 5 (or 4GS) Launch Date A Moving Target; October Launch Now?

I find this information highly suspect given the movements in the retail market, both by Apple and its carrier partners but still, it would be of interest to those looking at the next iPhone as an upgrade.

According to MacrumorsAllThingsDigital sources place Apple's plans to launch the next iPhone in October instead of the early to mid-September date that had been flying around

Though it could happen, it is highly unlike to happen.  This would place the iPhone launch squarely into the iPod update time frame.  And while you might say "that would make sense", all the price drops for the iPhone 4 and free iPhone 3GS (refurbished) are taking place now or could start next week.  

In the past, Apple's carrier partners typically lower their iPhone prices about a month before the next upgrade happened.  

AllthingsD began their post, defiantly declaring "they're wrong" about the September timeframe that other blogs and news posts have been advocating.  

All I know is that a later iPhone launch would make my white iPhone 4 phone feel more fresh and I'm okay with that.  But I would like for us to remember just how right or wrong AllThingsD are with this new date.  

I sense that it's possibly that is a planted information by someone to misdirect the public.  There is just a smell to all this.  Wall Street and blogs will be rattling the bushes this week to see if they can shake up new information to back up this new October launch frame.

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