Monday, August 1, 2011

Apple's Gears Command more than 8.5% Web Access - Evidence of Windows Cannibalization

If you add both Mac and iOS shares, you get 8.57% of total Web access  What this means is the likelihood of the iPad making some inroads into the typical browsing behavior of its users and creating spike that could in a couple of years even rivaling the Mac even as Apple's computers continue to grow.

What it does mean is that future share loss will come mostly at the expense of Windows.  And with the new Macbook Air releases that coincided with the release of OS X Lion and back-to-school sales, Apple may further gain market shares.  It isn't inconceivable that we will see Apple's duo of OS X and iOS reach greater than 10%.

And depending on when the iPad 3 comes out with other Macbook Pro updates, well, I don't want to go overboard and speculate just how much higher Apple's Web access share will go.

Source: Macnn.

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