Monday, August 1, 2011

No 3.5" iPod Touch with 3G; 7" iPod Touch With 3G Makes More Sense

I'm gonna make this my thing for the fall until the next iPod touch comes out.  3G access is something I've wanted for the iPod touch but never got and now it's likely Apple is shipping an iPod touch with 3G.  My question is which one.

See, I've been using my iPod touch with my Clearwire iSpot until I bought new Android and iPhone recently.  It was my mobile battle platform if you will.  As a mobile warrior who insisted on taking that extra leap into what I think is the future, a future where there are no voice plan but data only plans, it was a grand experiment.  

My set up was not as robust as I would have liked largely because the VOIP options were spotty.  Now with Apple likely to release a touch with 3G, I reckon Apple should have an option for VOIP in development in the future.  Perhaps, there could be a FaceTime option for just voice.  

So, would this just be a conventional iPod touch upgraded with a 3G modem?  I think not though because the addressable market is just too small.  

I'm going against convention and speculate that the iPod touch as we know it will remain the same while there could be a separate subset of the touch with a bigger screen and form factor to support 3G and a larger battery life.

Just yesteryday I posted the news that Samsung has developed a 7" screen wtih 1024x768 resolution, the same one as the iPad.  To call this an iPod touch 7 would make sense and the resolution would allow Apple to let this 7" touch use iPad apps without requiring developers to rework their apps.

Furthermore, a 7" iPod touch form factor would allow Apple to increase the battery of this new device with similar battery life to that of the iPad.  

So, I'm gonna be looking at the Web to see if there are more evidence to support my assertion.  I promise to show you that Apple has already show us that it could be working on just such a device.  I'll get to it soon enough.

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