Monday, August 1, 2011

Some TV Shows Bought On iTunes Streams To Apple TV, Now About iOS Devices?

Apple has a deal with ABC, Fox, and possibly others that allows Apple TV to stream TV shows they bought.  When I first read about this earlier this morning, I had to reread the post to make sure it was what I thought it to be.  And this was made possible through an Apple TV update available today. (Macworld)

If you buy a TV show from a studio has such a deal wtih Apple, you can now download the TV show but also stream it live through Apple's servers to your Apple TV and onto your HDTV.  This certainly has me closer to buying a TV after all.

What's missing is that some studios and channels have not yet agree to this.  Hence, users reported that some TV shows are missing.  

And while Apple now allows TV shows to be redownloaded, I wonder how soon before Apple allows users to simply stream TV they've gouth.  Furthermore, are we any closer to a TV subscription?

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